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  1. banginnn, can't wait to hear the new MOP also...
  2. heyyy whats up people. i haven't been on here in forever, i stopped comin on when the pictures started getting posted as links. anyway you can change that on the control panel or something??? anyway, heres what i been up. by the way im liking what i see on here.... <--- (this one is really old)
  3. does anyone on here know the dudes name that does black and white film, he has a website that he posts to like everday and he takes pictures of crackheads in brooklyn and gypsies and all that shit??? if anyone could hook it up with the link that would be awesome....
  4. pfffffffft you are so lucky. i envy you soo much for those wu tang pictures. awesome....
  5. these are xprocessed film... sorry about stretchin the screen but they are both collages
  6. to cross process - shoot some slide film, take it to the lab and tell them to do a c41 process.. messaround with differant brands and speeds - its a lot of fun oh and pfft - did i ever tell you that your roll model
  7. im liking what i see in here... ride a bike, those night shots came out nice, especially the panoramics keep it up everyone
  8. pfffft those shots are awesome... are they film???
  9. click on the pictures thumbnail then click "all sizes" . each size has its own URL . copy and paste that into here
  10. LOKI - i like the flic but you should have turned down the tolerance when trying to white it out (unless that still didnt work - which is beleivable)
  11. yeah i definately agree. it could take you 15 minutes to realize your in a dead end.... its awesome there. i have a lot more venice pictures on the way, once i finish these rome ones (and get more of my film done)
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