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Coler Blind

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  1. Coler Blind


    koo flicks.. :huh2:
  2. simple and its koo as fuckkk
  3. uhh...? Lets see your throwies, homie :huh2:
  4. ...its a life style...its a way of life? :beat2: :dazed:
  5. good shit -kill or die- wish i can get color markers like that.
  6. I went there, but that shit wasn't cracking. I only saw like 20 heads inside so I left.
  7. ....why dont you just tell me.....
  8. what is griffin? what does it do? can i get a link? I was thinking of pointing paint thinner/brake oil/pilot ink all in a jar. Do I need Griffin?
  9. I think France has heavly bombed subs. My friend used to live there and he says that they don't do sick ass peices as US, but they can do fast peices on crazyer spots, so they get there name known. word.. :dazed:
  10. COPE---- is my favv CAP ME-- have cooo ass throwiess seen
  11. That is on Hix road.. Its in los gatos-- its a crazzy road...
  12. Unknown Prophets - The wronge route Other sad song... like Immoratal Technique - dance with the devil (mom dying too in The Wronge route) ...sad...very.. sad.. song... :bawling:
  13. ...haha i didn't see it yet... but i know my throwup is shitty cause still learning :D did that color show up?
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