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the NEW sketch thread

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Seriously, you’re a toy and you don’t deserve to be posting horrible shit like that in this thread. 


Fuck off to the toy thread and stay there until you start accepting the advice we’ve given you. 

Edited by Hua Guofang
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Advice has been offered and you've ignored it. People have been polite in that you're not even close to the standard to post in this thread. You've ignored that too and even gone as far as to criticise dudes when their simples burn your...., whatever you call the shit you post.


So, now it's coming to you blunt:


You are a toy, you need to go back and start from scratch by posting ONLY in the toy thread and accepting the advice you've been given.

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3 hours ago, DyS$kysE said:


When I was just getting started, I made the mistake (that was helpful though) of asking another writer who was more experienced what he thought of my letters. He said, "You don't have any letters."


That has stuck with me. It's important. So many times I have thought I was the man or whatever. I now think I am intermediate at best. Sometimes, I am not happy, but at least I have letters. I don't try to brag about myself any more. Just do my thing and be respectful.


Along the way, I have seen a ton of kids come and go. I say all of that to say this:


Dy$$kysE: you have a lot to learn. It's not hate to say that. I actually don't like to give my opinion when it's not asked, but you are criticizing Tesk and that is my homeboy so I feel compelled. Your letters and work is pretty toy. You probably feel bad me saying that. I certainly did when others said it to me. But I needed to hear it. Because at that point, I could have gotten mad. I could have walked away from this forum like so many others before me and never gotten any better. I have seen kids get furious and banned after this stuff. Please stick around. Build. If you take this stuff to heart, you will improve. If you don't take it to heart, you will not. Again, there is no hate in my telling you this.


Also, I don't think my letters are great. Sometimes, there is good stuff. Most of the time, there are lots of good elements but the actual skeleton of the piece... the letters, are not great. Not bad. Intermediate and approaching toy. I see major faults in my own work all the time, but I think lots of people are afraid to criticize me because maybe my color is good or something else. I appreciate compliments but it's okay to comment on the flaws too. I certainly see them (I hope).


Thing is, that's a big part of this craft. SEEING. Seeing it in your own work and the work of others. Tesk's piece up there has amazing letters. He put things where they are because they serve a purpose. Each element works toward the overall flow. But the letters on their own are dope too. They just work together nicely. It's a difficult thing to get and sometimes feels impossibly elusive. So it's not odd that you might see it differently. It's gotta be difficult, right after several people on here, including myself, told you to go to the toy section. It seems like maybe that might be behind you criticizing Tesk. Maybe I am reading into it. If I am wrong, I'm sorry.


Also, we all have opinions and that's cool. Sometimes there are pieces in here and elsewhere that I just don't much care for the flow of, but I have to step outside myself and recognize that, even though it isn't my taste, it is still good (but in this case, it is my taste AND it's good, in my opinion).


Full disclosure: I get weird the day after I have had my weekly Avonex shot (which is today)


For all the talk, here's an IG pic of the piece I made tonight. I don't like the S and hate the fill but there are elements I love, especially the R and the A.


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