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  1. Yo definitely will try integrate the reverse E to a Z look on my next. Thanks.
  2. @E_B_A you share the same view? Noticed youve gone a bit quiet yourself compared to your usual. .
  3. I remember and was doing graf before the internet.. who knows what's after insta, holograms like outta star wars maybe. All platforms evolve but I don't sway from the roots much. Digital ain't for me.
  4. Yo thanks man. Just a heads up if anyone's wondering why I've gone quiet. I've moved to the otherside of Australia over 4000 kilometres. So yeah still planning to get another wall up in the next month or so. .
  5. Used a New York Fat for the whole piece. Disregard the wack background haha. Something else I really need to work on. I am however very happy with the progress of my lettering. I tried to measure it out with dots. Lemme know what y'all think.
  6. Yeah I actually really like that cap. But would you recommend it on all cans? High and low pressure. I've only used high so far..
  7. Tried this with a fat cap only. Struggle st for sure. I'm going to try and stay consistent with my caps and cans. Atleast for outlines anyway.. Also got a crazy lean haha. Tried a different approach. Will deff have to mark out my next one I think..
  8. Some handstlyes I will try work on. I'd love to learn flares. I did these with a MTN fat cap. Room for improvement for sure haha.
  9. Haha thanks man. It's one thing getting told your toy stuff is good by family, but when you get props from actual writers who paint it mean alot more truth wise anyway. I will throw down some hand styles l, but I've never actually done them alot with cans. Flares look cool and something I'd like to learn. Still a long way to go.
  10. Yo thanks man. I deff have an issue with symmetry but I see that not all graff uses it. Maybe a base level what your saying which is what I'm slowly understanding. This next attempt I tried to keep it more lined up, but notice it's quite hard making everything line up. Maybe I will start actually measuring an area beforehand as a base, because at the moment I'm straight freestyling. Not even using a sketch.
  11. Dang. Already buffed man. But I will make sure I keep it a similar thickness on the next Z. Should have time this arvo hopefully..
  12. Yo thanks for the crits. I was going to put highlights on the lower bars but was really worried about over doing it as usual. I do love the colours too on this. Some of my pieces are pretty wack but I do see improvement and taking on crits as I go. Thanks for respecting my hustle anyway haha.
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