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right now im typping this on some southern kids comp. i just met these peeps on my trip to PLATTSBURG, MISSIURY. and what a crazy bunch these guys are!.....now i start my story...........(fade to black)



this all started when my great great grandmother died 3 years ago at the age of 103 in her home town of plattsburg. plattsburg is a town of about 2,000 head, and most are all old war vets.


well my grandfather needed to get rid of her old house in town so the intire family flew in from all over the US to meet at this small little house(i drove in from denver)


well i thaught it was going to be a ruteine cleaning out of an old house. well i was wrong........


well opon inspection i notissed the was absolutly NO GRAFF AT ALL and the cops were pulling over kids whos sterios were playing to loud.....first thaughts were....GAY...


im stuck wondering what the fuck do the kids here do for fun......i found out......meth and fight...but thats for later.

about two days into the trip i start to get board out of my scull......this town has NOTHING to do. so i hit the streets to look for some kids to see whats up......i came up dry.....untill i met with the lady who took care of my grandma befor she died, well call her "Beth"


"Beth" said she had some kids who new whats up in town so i jack my great grandmas old 71 chevie IMPALA and cruze over to meet these fucks...i roll up to the house after bagging some cigs and im grated by a troop of dogs and a huge frontyard full of trucks,farm equipment,atvs,western shit and lawn chairs full of hotty suthern chicks.

thinking to myself, "OH SNAP!!! ITS THE MOTHERLOAD" dont blow it. i jump out of the car dukes of hazard style and like one of my camles up. then i begin with the best starting fraze EVER...."yo".......boo yah...im soo smooth.



tah tah for now.....more later...hands hurt and im drunk...so chill out for the next installment of my crazy ass suthern experience.



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This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.

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