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Weapon X


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I've dug them since two or three years ago.



Anyone know the song I downloaded off Napster back when it was working? It's over the Gza beat (if I wasn't so damn tired right now, I'd tell you which song - you know which one, though, off the Liquid Swords) and has DV Alias Khrist up in it at the end. Homeboy (i forget who) at the top goes off about mad shit, corrupt shit, devil shit. I think these guys are very deep, and only the true intellectuals can understand them. They are one of the good things about current mainstream rap music right now, and all that other white guy rap that you 120z "emo" headz go on about suck. Straight up, these guys are on point, and flip from funny shit, to fantasy shit, to straight up political angst shit moment after moment.


If you like Non-Phix, you'll probably like Killarmy, another real good thing about rap music today. Sure, it ain't like the old days, but it's evolution, baby.

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Guest sneak


start the day as i mean to go on...as first

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does anyone know what song i am talking about in the first post?




you know, I'm thinking it must be real, what that dude wordoflies was talking about in the eminem vs. cage thread. There's probably a shitload of kids who have no clue about the golden age of rap, or even the good stuff now. They listen to GooGooDolls, wear non-prescription glasses, rock clothes from Value Village on Saturday Nights at the club, and post up beefs with their parents on some LiveJournal shit. They one day decide to check out the emotional, bleeding heart rap and fall in love with it, knowing it is exactly what the emotional, makeup and non-prescription, hornrimmed glasses wearing hoes will like in them because it's still "bad" because it's rap, but it's soft enough to make them look sensitive. Plus it's done by a white guy.




call me a coconut headed, barefoot bongo-beater, but I like the sorta rap that makes my head bounce, or makes makes me wanna slamdance. The whole time making me think. If I wanna hear easy-listening, I'll put it on "Lovers and Other Strangers" on 97.3 EZ Rock.


One time in math class in high school, the teacher let me play a mix tape of mine. There was OC on it, Camp Lo, all that good stuff. Everyone, from semi-fobs to pork chop jocks were asking me how I could understand them (i guess the thick nigger lips fuck it up, huh?), but when an Eminem song came on, people were bobbing their heads up and down, reciting the lyrics word for word.

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Guest socrates

No, they are not good and try to make people believe they are smart and we all know they aren't

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ill bill solo album out jan 3rd




Ill Bill

"Ill Bill Is The Future"

Uncle Howie Records


Cult Leader

Simian Drugs (feat. El Producto)

Circle Of Tyrants (feat. Necro, Mr. Hyde, Goretex & Carnage)

Green Lantern Freestyle

You're Dead (feat. Necro)

PF Cuttin Freestyle I

The Name's Bill

Yae Yo (feat. The Beatnuts & Problemz)

Gangsta Rap

Blowout Freestyle

Mass Joint Freestyle

How To Kill A Cop

PF Cuttin Freestyle II

Who's The Best

Indy 500 Freestyle

Let's Go (feat. Troy Dunnit)

Ready For War Freestyle

License To Ill

The Most Sadistic (feat. Necro)

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Who's heard of Mr. Wreck? I heard of him over a year ago, but never actually listened to any of his songs. The main reason I would love to hear his songs is because they're produced by the one, the only, PF Cuttin.

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