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Originally posted by IntangibleFame

hmmmmmm This is why channel zero is totally worthless lately..;) :mad:


man fuck off.

christ, i can't believe i'm going to schpiel off here, but i put

more effort into my threads than anyone on here, save for

homeboy tesseract. if every one else bothered to put in just some small

effort JUST ONCE IN AWHILE, this place would be fuckin' incredible.

but nobody does...

channel zero:

bullshit threads about the fuckin' olsen twins

and getting caught jacking off. those are just great once in

awhile, but just about every thread on here is some inane

mind fluff.

this thread has total validity, but none of you

have taken any time to bother.

this place blows becuz every reply to this thread is

a prime example of how many non thinking, elementary

kids have ruined it for alot of others.

by the way, this is BROWNer.

go sniff undies.

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this channel is getting very childish...if you have a negative remark to make about a thread, don't make it! just go unheard, your smart replies are not getting you any credit, and no matter how many you make...you're not going to gain any sort of recognition or popularity. if someone argues with you, take it to AIM or something, nobody wants to see a bunch of grown men bickering over some inane bullshit.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Needless to say that you're making fools of yourselves by tossing stupid replies in everythread...i'm sure you kids first check a members status and then adopt an attitude....you realise just how silly that is, right?


Also take notice that you're addressing to the person responsible for a

huge amount of amazing threads, both fun and thoughtwise...


Instead of paying some attention and using this shit for what its meant

you choose to turn this to a stupidity contest, This is why channel zero is totally worthless lately...


and sneak, in the words of the brown...fuck off

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