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  1. tesserock, hit me on aim later or tomorrow eh...:cool:
  2. man fuck off. christ, i can't believe i'm going to schpiel off here, but i put more effort into my threads than anyone on here, save for homeboy tesseract. if every one else bothered to put in just some small effort JUST ONCE IN AWHILE, this place would be fuckin' incredible. but nobody does... channel zero: bullshit threads about the fuckin' olsen twins and getting caught jacking off. those are just great once in awhile, but just about every thread on here is some inane mind fluff. this thread has total validity, but none of you have taken any time to bother. this place blows becuz every reply to this thread is a prime example of how many non thinking, elementary kids have ruined it for alot of others. by the way, this is BROWNer. go sniff undies.
  3. and.... even greater as a thread. whew.
  4. hey...ron guy....pretty funny......you do standup?
  5. shioit, that didn't work so hot..fuck that first link completely... ..i'm sure only a handful of homies will even bother... so... just go here, scroll down to the third real audio link and listen if you give a shit.. http://www.webactive.com/webactive/cspin/c...in20020510.html
  6. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/images/mideast/july-dec98/rit.JPG'> http://stream.realimpact.org/rihurl.ram?fi...20510.rm&start="10:44.3"
  7. today my girl got a new car stereo, so 'vordhosbn' was the tester. word to your shitty undies.
  8. hey..guy......brownroc does what he likes, you don't like it then get the fuck out. go reply in the olsen twin thread homey.
  9. in all honesty my summer has blown. i work too much and don' t get enough time off, so i haven't had time to do anything fun this summer at all. i've gotten in a few days at the lake, and gone camping for one measly night. thats it. and its almost over. shit. work sucks. .
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