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ALI G in tha house... aiight!

Guest --zeSto--

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Guest --zeSto--

this guys just too funny to sleep on.

I know all the euro cats have been over exposed to it,

but he's more than some rudebwoy chaufeur.






and you know it...


booyakasha indeed!


Ali G translator

Ali G movies

Ali G flash <---a must see ting!

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he was funny about 3 years ago when he did the interviews on the 11o clock show, things started slipping when he got his own program. but now he has become painfully bad i used to be a fan now i just switch over. kill off ali g and stick with borat mate he is far funnier mate.

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Guest imported_Tesseract

Dudes mad funny....just looking at him makes me laugh...not to mention what he sais....



'How do you think about youthinasia'


hahahahahahahahahahaha, get it?!?!?!

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