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  1. ill always stop by to see if anythings changed in this place.... looks like from what i can tell i havent missed much. :D
  2. smooth sailing indeed.... its been nice to not be involved in any of the bullshit going on in this state. vacation from graffiti has been great. not sure if ill ever end up going back.
  3. you call farenheit 9/11 a documentary???? ha ha ha ha ha.... documentaries are objective.....michael moore openly admitted his movie was anything BUT.
  4. whats been goin on fuckers? i havent been on this site in a long ass time.....fr8oholic??? where ya been man? hit me up on the email... madske, ill see ya soon....ill come to your neighborhood though. :king:
  5. if im not mistaken, on that mad/ebay one, on the opposite side is one of my favorite pieces of mine..
  6. rockin the suburbs..... :D no flick of my dog cykeo huh??? :confused:
  7. fuuuuuuuck.... i loved that one too.... :mad: :heated:
  8. holy fucking shit that is sick.... :eek:
  9. send me that vicodin please.... :D
  10. please tell me that wasnt our one with the johnny bravo character on it... :o
  11. that choze is struggling.... :( thank god for painting bigger...
  12. bump for my homie... :king:
  13. im sure my neighbors hate me... my ex-girl and i used to have sex a minimum of 3 or 4 times a night... :eek: one day ill find another girl down enough for that....but until then...
  14. fuck that waiting bullshit... bang her ass out on the couch til she passes out...then kick her out and brag to your friends about her... :idea:
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