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Everything posted by bodice_ripper

  1. False. Snow is a rarity at home tpbm would tattoo his name in giant crap letters on a chick's face
  2. YO train riders.Just got word of a panel running on a commuter train,,keep your eyes peeled and a flick would be nice.... TMNfC big
  3. The Decemberists - Her Majesty The Decemberists
  4. man, I went to that Warrior film hoping for a massive widener over tom hardy beating the piss out of blokes. no dice. that shit isn't cool....
  5. scarlet for me ma for havin me - and I went and made this thread. wouldn't it have been better Father, if we were all killed....?
  6. well done on the flick brah. I was there yesterday, no council. could be different by now, but i assure you - your shit was gone before then argue with this: there were 4 walls free, but you wanted a go of a slightly different texture, so you messed up a production with a tiny piece. you are why that spot sucks - fact. I could give a fuck less that you went over me, but truth is you are a brat who fucked up a production better than you could swing. you want a medal or a chest to pin it on?
  7. The not-an-asshat thing to do there was ACTUALLY TAKE OUT THE WHOLE WALL. jine and I spent time and money to take out the whole wall, you just moseyed up and dropped a little piece in the middle of a production because you had never painted it before? this is why spots go to shit. well done.
  8. this should be renamed "The emaciated white girl" thread. way too many knees and elbows in here, a lot of these young ones look like a condom full of coat hangers.
  9. none of this shit applies to black people here. other than walking about with headphones connected to your phone and confusing all passers-by (who assume you are talking to them...), some truly awful driving, and naming your shop "GOD'S TIME" when you sell hair products, I cannot think of anything...
  10. sitting on the couch sick. pleased that codeine is available over the counter here with nothing elses added.
  11. hd a fiercely hot bath. with the wine it was only massive
  12. don't worry, could be pubic grey. that right there is a nightmare
  14. no doubt this has already been posted, but I am not trawling through 417 pages what the furry fuck is this shit?
  15. sick as a dog on my couch, not ringing in the New Year as I should be frankly
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