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any emcees


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Guest JoeHatesCops

Dont utter my name that would be blasphemous, words can and will be hazardous, my speech isd angerous, like stranger with candy was, but now im grown up, I assume you know that stupid stuff, but obvioulsy you dont know much, cause I just left you crushed, you bitch emcees better be rocking shades, cause my words is like a 1000 of the suns rays, magnified on your face, eating it away. run my gauntlet of blades, as I focus my rage, to leave you encaged, you better obey, here on top, I plan to stay, till the wind blows my ashes away, you better stay at a length, as not to feel my strength...

MoJo MaOs PuGeT SoUnDiAleCt

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