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  1. right now hands down is the simpsons that is the fuckin show!!! the its the sopranos and then the real world....and its juss like that cause i said so!!!!
  2. ive seen some pretty tight tag names like for instance... aonic dtest shit dysek ish like that but i have seen some really crappy ones like... mem 12 knaver (kuh naver) crilen topaz weak shit but also really quick i have seen some really tight crew names too... UCLA U Cops Lose Again LAPD Leavin All Posers Destroyed LAPD Livin A Prisoners Dream EOTS Enemy Of The Streets DFB Droppin Fatal Bombs represent.
  3. i seen her on tha ave/ spotted her more than once/ ass so fat that you could see it from the front/ she spot me like papparazzi/ shot me a glance/ in that cat woman stance/ with them phat booty pants/ hot damn!!/ whats ya name love/ where ya came from?/ neck and wrist laced up/ very little make up/slims at tha reebok gyms/ tone ya frame up/ is sugar and spice tha only thing that your made of?/ i tried to keep it low key but couldnt keep it down/ asked her to dance/ and she like oh im leavin now/ an hour lata/ sounds from jamaica/ i seen mami shaken her little waist up.......
  4. 1. system of a down- toxicity 2. gorillaz- gorillaz 3. common- can i borrow a dollar 4. dj aphrodite- aphrodite 5. tenacious d- tenacious d 6. the blade soundtrack
  5. GWIZ1r


    str8 up crap tyson got straight up disciplined by lewis but the reason why tyson lost is because lewis had that lengthy reach over tyson and plus his height advantage...and to add one more thing to this i believe this was just a fuckin set up for a re match between the two and also i think it was bullshit how mike was talkin about how hes comin foe lewis and how hes gonna eat his kids and all this other shit but when lewis kicked his ass at the end tyson was kissin his ass talkin about how he has respect for him im sorry butyou dont tell someone you respect that you wanna eat his kidsbor whatever...but all it boils down too mike was in it for the money
  6. tia bella and alxis amore and thats the final words
  7. dood as long as your showin her your O face then you should be aiight just try to last a bit longer though and stop bein such a stingy ass
  8. GWIZ1r

    favorite candy?

    1. snickers (why yall sleepin on em) 2. skittles 3.twix and anything else would be uncivilized
  9. rodney mullen chali 2na (jurrasic 5) carmen electra gwen stefani ( l.a.x.) fred durst timbaland
  10. what is the movie that you know you could sit down and watch over and over and over again and not even give a damn about the whole outside world? and no sayin anything about pornos either....
  11. there only three that are the best 1.the one when homer had to go get his car from new york 2. the one when they went to japan and 3. when homer was mr x. and got sent to that island
  12. 1.anything with tia bella in it 2.nymph fever 3.mi vida (starring raylene)
  13. 1.METROID (justin bailey) 2.DOUBLE DRAGON 3.CONTRA (up, up down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, B, A , select start)
  14. if through some strange chain of events you stumble across a genies lamp and the genie granted you three wishes what would you wish for??
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