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  1. hmmm....you all seem to like CRAP!!! is anyone seeing this, or am i just a freight snob. thin tips and krylon. buy it or rack it. please stop shitting on these freights.
  2. this thread should be called "the dirty chronicles". that lewis piece made me want to puke. what happened to thin tips and good paint? wastin panel space on pieces of shit. some of those were cool, but not many. the dirty south?
  3. nocalfr8tr

    Graffiti TV

    Re: graffiti TV 9 it's coming...give dooley time...
  4. nocalfr8tr


    aser was cool until i found out he was a giants fan. then he talked shit about the dodgers. and to think, i felt sympathy that no one picked him for someone they'd like to meet off 12oz, and i voted for him. aser, take your canadian bats home...and i still hate barry bonds and the god damn giants!!
  5. wisk...one of the tightest bustin freights...maybe the tightest..
  6. just what i wanted to hear thanks pistol...i hate the giants...and barry bonds...
  7. is a computer with only 64 mb of ram enough to start a website? what other things about a computer are important when running a website from it.
  8. i knew he got busy on freights, but damn...that's one busy man...i got a whole new respect for that cat...
  9. that kero is super slimy...diggin it. hyst! haha, i remember that guy...the old'n days...
  10. paint them, love them, let's not argue about them. i'll do a burner over a streak. thats just me...the slumz
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