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  1. alot of the pop songs i hate remind me of my ex. shit like those poppy nelly songs and this one kci and jojo song cuz they used to play those all the time at the high school formals. i cant stand those songs and i cant stand her shit so i guess it works out?
  2. ODW

    R.I.P Ghost

    sick characters....RIP
  3. when i got home from open heart surgery, i got head for a week strraight. i think it helped me recover faster.
  4. i think dre's 'acting' in that movie was some of the worst i have ever seen. they couldnt find anyone better for such a small role? what the fuck?
  5. i love seein before and after pics
  6. hey, iv been in the bathroom for the past few weeks, did i miss anything important?
  7. first tape: Soungarden "supernatural" first cd: beastie boys "check your head". i bought it off my best friends older brother for like 5 bux.
  8. iv never figured this out
  9. i cant find the link to the video
  10. ODW

    weird movies

    1st two movies i thought of while clicking on it. "fuckin rabbit!!!"
  11. as classic as "sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeit!!!"
  12. call it robocop. its a long story, but do it.
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