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  1. Deine, encore plz, because black lives matter not Jews anti semite Masonite shred the gnarsef on them 1 mo gain
  2. This is a call for Diane mudder we need another round of totty shots to keep 12oz hip
  3. Yeah tubs get around been seeing a lot of his grease pin etches
  4. Pretty crazy documentary, alot of loose ends like I wonder what sorta shady deal he had with the police to only get a year for that one murder of the black guy on the river, and also how the hell could you pull ur own major vein out of your arm to kill yourself without your central nervous system shutting down ur brains ability to communicate with your body, and I also wonder if he actually killed all those people cause I could see some local gangbangers/ drug dealers being just like stashing the bodies in his backyard to pin point him as the suspect to get themselves off the hook cause dude was clearly insane.
  5. Serial killer had a cult like following, they made a documentary out of the guy called the devil you know. Actually came in contact with the guy when I was a wee little bloque, was introduced to some crazy meth head called crazy ed through a string of weirdo acquaintances I had as a young pot smoker because ed fixed a nice bong I had for dirt cheap like 20 bucks or something. Anyways "pazuzu" was with him had Satan tattoo'd on his arm and his teeth were sharp like fangs.
  6. Crazy jimmy was on a sick one.
  7. Ye Ole Boy Lieutenant Jack Meoffe Sal Lad Tossire
  8. Demi lovato Big30 Pink Tekashi Young boy nba Myley Cyrus Young dro Bill clinton
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