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  1. Not actually a pumpkin head being it's out of season, but a nice glass for the pic. Hopsneeze ipa pretty
  2. Bet she got the vaccine too...
  3. Yeah I definitely had the shit house blues this morning and I didn't even get drunk, can't find a lot of good beer around where I am currently living... Sad.
  4. Y'all got some unique bricks in ny gotta give it to ya!
  5. Tried to adopt a husky a little less then a year ago from the pound he was from Puerto Rico I guess, he kept randomly attacking me and was making the girl I was dating terribly nervous being she owned a cat, eventually after him biting me for no reason wasn't even near his food bowl after a five mile run that day I decided I had to return the guy still dealing with the trauma and heartbreak of what his potential fate could have been soo I haven't decided to take on a pet yet, hopefully will here soon tho.
  6. Twas bluffing, would be sick tho. Kinda wanna get a bearded dragon or some rare lizard but I don't have any pets right now.. shame on me.
  7. Went from a stupid toy set to some foos net banging in the comment section, to kids playing with there toys while looking at the internet, to this douche Avramfraind getting smoked by @Dark_Knight where could this thread possibly go next, I'm thinking bout buying one of these for my pet armadillo any thoughts ?
  8. Just got off work sketching and having a brew.
  9. now here you go again, you say you want your freedom Well, who am I to keep you down? it's only right that you should play the way you feel it but listen closely to the sound of your loneliness
  10. Are these Louis Vuitton or those vamp life ones Jim Jones coined?
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