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  1. i used to write with some dudes in a crew i made up called aerosole crew i know the name is porbabl taken but that is the crew i used to rep then i moved i havent talked to the crew in some years
  2. it seem like everytime i draw the styles different i used to be a alright artist but me and my friend smoked a blunt and he passed me out with that rising shotgun shit its like im not connecting my brain and my hands as good as i used too.before that i at least drew more than one picture at a time.now i basically just draw a piece a day on some shit like that.
  3. Make sure to cricket my stuff in the toy thread so I know when I'm good enough to post here please I don't wanna be a toy for the rest of my life no what I mean that's not a nice graffiti term
  4. nah id kill them other motherfuckers id be well and alive myself
  5. i am wearing my birthday suit at the moment nothing at all so i can feel the breeze on my buttcrack
  6. Gutrot those pieces are tight ache i lie the simple one the best too
  7. thatt's a dope controllaer and that drawing below it too thats some fresh work mang
  8. alright man will you please like my stuff though
  9. heres some drawing tips when you are drawing graffiti use bars and when you are drawing charactersuse the oval shape and the face grid to know where to placethe eyes mouth nose and eats and stuff.
  10. so far ive got a brass knuckle knife a pair of brass knuckles another knife i used to have a pellet gun a sword and a flail when im painting inmemphis im thinking about getting a gun because ive been jumped in memphis before by 4 people i got pretty fucked up when that shit happened
  11. i wish i knew where to get some blackbooks that artists have filled out
  12. I think that nissans are better than toyatas my cousin had a toyota once and he would drive off the curbs and shit when he was driging one time he tried to put a tire on it and when we were going down the street the tire flew off and hit the top off a tree and the tree started bending it was like a skinny tree but that shit was funny.my favorite car the i useed to drive around was an astrovan big ass red van i would stay cruising donw here with that van picking up peoeple filling that hoe up
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