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  1. Huh, that makes sense. I'm not prepared to stab someone, just trying to scare them off. Do you guys bring protection, or just run?
  2. I tag in a minority filled neigborhood that you can say it's kind of ghetto. You can see heaps of people in white tees and wife beaters at mid-night, all grouped together. I've read the Beginning Bible and Spray safe! threads but could find anything if bring a weapon is a good idea. I'm always cautious, I get so nervous that I literally sweat a pound every time I go out bombing with my friends. My friend has a bayonet, but he never brings it! He's afraid that it would make it worse if the popos caught him. My dad has a blackhawk .44 magum but I don't want to mess with it, besides it's heavy. Anyways, should I bring like a butterfly knife with me or something? Do you bring something to protect you?
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