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  1. cruzxctrl


    PS5 bodied their showcase. Already cleared my entire weekend for this.
  2. I love steep concave, that's pretty much why I stick with DLX. I've been wanting to try out a double tail shape so I can have long nose and tail. NB's team is so stacked and the shoes look amazing but yet again, never tried them. I'm one of those "stick to what you know" kinda skaters but I gotta get out that mindset.
  3. LMAOOO, I can see that. They look like a beefy ass half cab, so I was interested. I need that boardfeel though! Been rocking Adidas but I want to get some Kyle Walkers again. Never skated Palace either but have always been curious. Used to only skate Kayo Corp back in the day (DGK, Expedition 1) and nowadays, it's almost exclusively DLXSF (Real, Krooked, AH). I tried the FA boards and they're hit or miss for me. Some of them are like goddamn boats!
  4. Been a minute, hope everyone is well! Here's my latest freshy that's about to be replaced once I get some fresh MOB for the new one. 8 x 32 REAL Davis Torgerson
  5. @glorydaysHow them Rowan's skate?
  6. Love it. Superb quality as always. Def co-sign the color talk! This morning I was just thinking how it’d be cool to have Navy/Gray Yankee colors. Maybe even have specific color ways for specific states and regions? Thank you again for another dope product!
  7. cruzxctrl


    New FPS coming from the League Of Legends developers. Looking forward to this. Counter Strike X Overwatch vibes. I feel this has potential to go very big competitively.
  8. cruzxctrl


    @KultsI believe RE2 is like $20 or so, prob even cheaper. Great game imo, def worth picking up. I def agree. Also more credit to them because they built their own engine - https://residentevil.fandom.com/wiki/RE_Engine
  9. cruzxctrl


    @Kultsyoo! My bad, I ate after like two games and passed out. Still trash lol. I haven’t picked up COD in at least 3 weeks. Been heavy on Apex but once I saw the BR mode dropping, I’m like I gotta brush up on my plays. I’ll be on majority of the day since it’s freezing out.
  10. It's a great watch. First Episode was the weakest imo but it sets everything up.
  11. cruzxctrl


    @Dirty_habiTAyyy man! I really appreciate that, for real! Been out sick from work this entire week so I figured why not record and mix some clips. New Season, New Hero, Updated Map and a whole gang of patch notes dropped Tuesday 2/4 so I’m learning a bunch of it while taking advantage of the rest of the community trying to learn it too. This is like my 5th “mixtape”. I’ve learned to slow down the edits and let the plays breathe a bit more( especially since IGTV dropped allowing 60+ second videos). Still have to find a blend of cool action-y plays with some somewhat tact
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