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  1. cruzxctrl


    @KILZ FILLZlol trust man, I know. I have some games that I downloaded BUT only because they were the free joints or because PlayStation was having the crazy sale on digital only. I guess I’m old school because I like to have my discs and can let a friend hold it or whatever( I know there’s share play but meh.) I have Black Ops 4 and GTA downloaded because I was too lazy to go out and that shit takes up mad space on my old ass 500Gb console. I have to constantly delete games and re download them especially since most of the games I play are online focused and always have a new patch to download every other week. I feel like I won’t have a choice in the next couple years anyway. Everything gonna be streaming and cloud based and I don’t like that. Always got to have internet connection or a subscription to even play a game. It’s gonna get worse when they implement that whole Social credit thing and you gotta play on dial up because you got frustrated and expressed yourself out loud during a loss in last game’s match which so happened to have children in the lobby.
  2. cruzxctrl


    No WOW for me but been clocking some time into BorderLands 3 this weekend. SO MUCH SHIT TO DO. Getting the hang of it but I’m enjoying it so far. Went into GameStop to cop but fools said I had to preorder to get it. They HAD a lot of copies in the back but all reserved. I’m like no wonder ya closing 200+ stores - can’t even walk in and cop a brand new release -_- (FYI, I have a weird thing in me where I’d rather have the physical game than a digital download. Even though I know this about myself, I rarely Preorder any games. I don’t care about preorder bonuses cuz it’s usually a poster or some in game consmetics) Went across the street and copped at Best Buy. Copped the $100 Super Deluxe version so I can save a bit on the full game/ season pass, steel book case and a bunch of other shit. It was either the $100 one or the base game so I said fuck it. Gonna live on this until COD drops.
  3. Yo @abrasivesaint that ride looks MEAN AS FUCK! So beautiful. Trucks, matching rails, I bet you get some good carves out of that. Must be so fun to snake a hill on something like that. I guess you inspired me with the orange/Halloween scheme lol
  4. First trick board since spraining my ankle. I left my usual 8.38/8.5 rides to slim it down to a nice 8 x 32 with a lot of concave. Haven’t skated an Alien Workshop in a LONG time but it feels really solid. Not a bunch of slide marks because I’m getting my flatground back and getting my ankle comfortable flicking switch again. I’ve noticed the - .38/.5 inch difference gives me a lot more control w/ quicker pop and faster flips so may stick in this 8” range. The rest of the set up is pretty much like my cruiser above minus the obvious like riser pads and soft wheels. I’m riding Bones STFs 54mm V3’s but they’re shaved down to about 50mm or so. Independent 149’s w Bones Hard bushings, Bones Swiss No Caps and 6 mix and match hardware bc I’m lazy. Mob Grip always on top.
  5. cruzxctrl


    IDK if its an uptown New Yorker thing but AFI's are always in even though they're uncomfortable as shit to me. I love mids but for some reason they get a lot of hate bc its 'either low or hi's" in some communities. Great rain sneaker and just overall sneaker to beat up/customize. As for Air Maxes, Only liked the 1 and some of the 90's (color ways only). All the new joints are hit or miss. I remember trying to skate around in a AM90 with that fat ass heel and damn near twisted my ankle off. Never again even if its to walk in. I wear Ultraboosts when I'm chillin or walking around.
  6. @6Pennies- Yo! Just peeped. Looks like a very solid camera. Only wish it had 4K30/4K60 for client work. If I wasn't already invested in Panasonic, I'd def try out Fuji. Hope you and everyone else had a good holiday weekend.
  7. You're very much appreciated! Make sure you get to kick back and enjoy the holiday weekend too!
  8. cruzxctrl


    Yeahhh man, B3 we out! @Kults- I still gotta add your PSN. I'll do it tonight What's everyone else's PSN? I'll add ya so we can catch some dubs. Mine is cruzxctl, same as here.
  9. Honestly didn't know how much I needed this thread til about 5 minutes ago. Props, lol ALSO, PLEASE MORE 2000 FASHIONS & VELOUR SUITS
  10. @JokerI appreciate you, OG. I'm learning to pick and choose my battles more wisely. The only good from seeing all the laziness and fuck ups is that I can take that knowledge with me and apply logic and discipline to maneuver around issues smarter. Learning from other's mistakes as well as my own.
  11. Any tips on healthy ways to set boundaries at work? Clients/ Higher ups, all that. Learning to say no more often but realized I can be a little snarky after some "new details" or wants emerge. I guess I really need tips on keeping emotions intact and segregated while navigating through creative industries. I have no patience when it comes to other parts of a "team" being lazy and not taking accountability and I often find myself succumbing to stress and anger.
  12. 100% False. I just chuck that shit into the gutter. TPBM made at least $100 profit off stocks.
  13. cruzxctrl


    I'll play Medieval if it's dirt cheap or if and when its free to play. Can't wait for COD:MW. Gonna snag Borderlands 3 in the next couple weeks.
  14. I feel you man. Just getting over a sprained ankle. Body can't withstand so much punishment as it once did. Ease your way back into it. Stretch before and after and try to be active on days when you don't skate. Keep your diet smart and drink lots of water. All stuff you've obv heard before but lets try to keep pushing as long as our bodies allow us to and lets try to give the body what it needs to do that. I sprained my right ankle, I'm regular footed . Kick pushing feels somewhat normal but it gets uncomfortable trying to flick that foot off anything nollie or switch. I want to try to keep my bag of tricks as long as I can but I'm afraid a couple more dings and sprains will leave me unable to perform comfortably. I feel I'm transitioning over to the cruising and shooting/editing side of it. Just trying not to be one of those Yo I used to skate type dudes.
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