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Pretty Skrillnectar

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  1. hahahaha chick in the last tattoo is wearing a "spirit hood"
  2. you're not fooling anyone by spray painting "team tuff guy" on the side of a gondola and taking a picture of it.
  3. a lil too ambient for me. i like my phish nice and danceable, when trey pulls out the looper and makes a bunch of noises it's not really my thing.
  4. we need deetz on how he fucked him over obv
  5. hahaha have fun, maybe they'll play harpua.
  6. Jerix from new hampshires on there? I remember when he came out everyone thought it was the biggest Jaero rip off.
  7. yeah i mean it's probably rather becoming on that which i'm assuming is a bit of a blob of a female... sorry if i offended any of you about the GZA tat for real though, if you like lines that aren't solid for outlines of things and crappy shading more power to you.
  8. alright i'll admit i got carried away, prob cause the kid is a huge douche to begin with and sold shitty weed for too much all throughout high school and thought he was the man.... but no, no wu tang tattoo is bad??? how about this???
  9. it's terrible bro, but yes you are right, not the worst on the page.
  10. kid i grew up with just posted this to fbook with the caption "HAD TO GET IT"...
  11. from the thread title i was hoping for a much darker story seeing as how any time a thread pops up about school on here it's always a female teacher banging a student. had a little potential.
  12. chick at 1 o clock looks ok to me!
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