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  1. how does this make news wtf they got nothing better to up
  2. the zooming in the camera shot is messing with my head on the size of the tags
  3. I hurt my dick when I was climbing down a billboard
  4. I hate it when people gotta hate the world and not appreciate it <3 Naw but seriously i fukking hate how i gotta spend 30 bucks on gas a week just to get to college and back. That aint counting other shit too
  5. if i make retarded pictures do i get props
  6. if i got red bars under my name does that mean i got a lot of props
  7. Uh yeah I just read somewhere that Louisville was the best place to live in America of 2011
  8. thats pretty cool, it reminds me how japan does their graffiti. they use a lot of characters and the theme of there characters are like the emotions of them or something like that
  9. kiesrsozai haven't soem of those been in new haven for like forever
  10. I said to some degree and Im asking this cause Im in the east coast and wanted to see if people knew more on the subject. Thanks but it would be better if you can do it without starting beef for no reason. Also, with todays technology some buildings are built with the purpose of not being able to witstand earthquakes. Just because it can meet requirements to not be destroyed after an earthquake doesnt mean it will. But whatever Ima go ask somewhere else
  11. Cause buildings are suppose to have some sort of earthquake proof in the design but on what degree is different on the building. That shit isnt the same for tornados but you dont know shit on the subject and talk like you do.
  12. the thing is you cant back up what you say with anything that makes sense cause you are some kid that cant think on your own and just join in with this guy
  13. Im talking about Drue_Down negging me and about buildings in cities that don't have great resistance to earthquakes. Whats the problem?
  14. http://outbackfreesteaks.com/ Its 1 per household, but who cares its free steak. This was aired today like 3 hours ago and its for the first million who do it pr something like that. Takes like a minute to fill out and youre done Us only and you'll get a voucher in the mail for a steak in the mail in <4 weeks
  15. I wanted one of these for school but too many fuckers are buying them out and reselling them for 200 on craigslist
  16. Are the buildings in NYC built to be resistant to earthquakes? would be dumb not to just cause earthquakes are rare Wtf your problem? "Nature" no shit but it never happens in the east coast are you from cali or something retard
  17. srsly wtf is up with this shit there havent been a hurricane up in CT in like 15 yrs
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