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  1. "Goddamnit grandma! What did you do!?" "...I came"
  2. Giving myself a "stranger" never looked or felt so good
  3. Those motherless fucks killed Opie... Goddamn I dont care how much people think the show sucks...but shit just got intense. Storyline is definitely picking up and I'm pretty hyped to see whats gunna happen next week.
  4. Pretty good start to this season imo...storyline seems to have a bit much goin on already (a little farfetched too), but I cant lie im already anxious to see what happens next week. "I sucked your dick too didnt I?"
  5. Bionic- DiFaras is definately a classic, but seriously sometimes with the line, it just aint worth it. Im talkin 45 mins + just for a slice on some days. I would go for L & B's in Bensonhurst if u want good pizza (or the spot I mentioned above) Massgraff hit it on the head with Juniors. And I know I've said it in another NY thread...but if BK is on ur trip, gotta hit up Roll'n Roaster in Sheepshead Bay. Anyone from Brooklyn on here will co-sign that im pretty sure.
  6. Hate to say it, cause it used to be one of my favorite spots, but Jakes fell off years ago. If your around that area though, brooklyn house of pizza and calzone is always good.
  7. Walt has definately gotten out of control power hungry...and im enjoying it. What an ending!
  8. Yeah you see me makin real dough, puffin on that mean dro Orange blaze Bugatti nigga color of a Cheeto
  9. Mercer is spot on... With the amount of cops all around times square, dude had to have wanted to go out in a blaze of glory pulling/waving a blade like that over there. Also not saying the 6 shots was needed or whether it was the right move by the pigglies, but dude had to have known what the outcome of his shenanigans would be.
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