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  1. You're either gonna get your ass beat by crackheads or locked up by various forms of Railroad police. DC area is no joke. Stay off the tracks and keep your ass inside. a lot of residents are not happy about all these yuppies moving in due to gentrification. my advice is to go back to wherever you're from and do your "graf" there .
  2. Hey UseMe/Blo dont paint engines and dont paint every possible surface surrounding a freight spot you fucking moron(s). got workers and cops and all the locals ready to beat your ass. sorry it took me a while to respond online to this bullshit you pulled a few months ago
  3. Pocket sand. works every time. Or just don't go to rough areas if you can't handle getting jumped or pressed up by police.
  4. Hey whoever painted the CSX Crown Jewel passenger car is in serious shit, CSX police are gunning for you big time assholes!!! now shutup and stop "beefing" with people you don't know, beefings for retards in the ghetto and wiggers in the country
  5. best advice though is to get out there and find out on your own
  6. ^ no it won't (although it is a cool book). Get books on actual railroad history and on modern operations, check railfan sites, and theres great books on railroad rolling stock (railcars) too. I've found that a lot of writers have a very biased and often immature view on railroading.
  7. Pabst Blue Ribbon mother fucker!!! id like to party/hop with you dudes heheh
  8. OLHA bringing that brazilian flavor to Charm City.
  9. CSX police are on the prowl. stay off the tracks
  10. yeah it was more of a hypothetical bad situation.
  11. chicken n bacon ranch is the way to go
  12. i went to Subway once and this old lady in front of me was taking FOREVER! but the sub was delicious so id say its worth the wait.
  13. i bet even the cops are giving you props for that one
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