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  1. paje needs to learn to choose his colors more wisely.
  2. haha, some of yall are on edge. rolling nowhere, take a xanax dude. you need to tone it down. skip the thread if you dont like what you see, fuck outta here. trust me, i have been looking around google and have found some shit i was looking (including on this forum). doesnt hurt anyone if I ask around... someone couldve found something i havent found (and be willing to share)...
  3. I've been painting for a few yrs now and only recently started to get interested in the freight scene. I quickly fell in love with the feeling of painting trains or even just benching and snooping around the yard and layups looking at all the types of cars. A feeling i quite frankly cant get from painting the streets. I have found myself growing an interest in trains in general (not just freight graffiti) and i am therefore trying to find some site or book or w.e where i could read up and get information on general train history, types of cars, etc etc I am not even sure such a website exists but im giving it a shot. anybody knows anything? thank you!
  4. what kind of markers is best to paint on a model train? decos? Poster Paints? Sharpie Paints?
  5. out of curiousity. what happened to the rasaka piece with the winnie the pooh? looks crossed or something
  6. I legitimately hope all this OH beef wont put a sour twist to HoP jam and that shit will be dealt with appropriately. all this graff beef is ridiculous in my opinion. PS: Props to all NFNC for being on fire. Dope bilboard on st-laurent by Felix/Jesr.
  7. Those slots straights are always dope.
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