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  1. I'm not sure why you are trying to make assumptions about me when I mainly came to post this as something for others to check out and spark some conversation in here. And it's almost as if you are skimming my posts because I clearly mentioned that I still paint them any chance possible.
  2. I wouldn't say I'm worried about losing some cars. But I can tell you that I'm definitely into painting shit that will have the best chance of lasting the longest time possible. You know? Oh and I also mentioned how I wasn't certain how true the facts were in my OP. But it does sound believable.
  3. I was just randomly browsing and came across this page. http://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,3243622 I don't know how legit the facts are.. But I found this interesting "Union Pacific is the largest owner of reefer boxcars at approxmiatley 4000 cars with 3500 of those facing mandatory retirement in 2016." I don't get why these reefer cars are so desirable to paint if they're sent to retirement so quick? Of course I hit them any chance I get. But sounds depressing to think most of them are possibly getting scrapped soon.
  4. Mescaline

    Spray Paint

    idk if this is the right place to ask but.. I racked 8 montana gold cans, my question is does this paint last on trains? I'm assuming it doesn't. I've only used rusto my whole life, so regardless I'm stoked to come up on some different paint. Is Belton the next best brand to use on trains besides rusto?
  5. This dude said he pulled an all nighter with 3 FULL CANS OF PAINT. haha.... :D
  6. Not sure if voting has started but I'd give it to finEyoungCamel. Probably my favorite one. ansichrist and murderlands were also good though for sure.
  7. A lot of you need to learn the difference between a straight letter and a tossup. Two straight letters I see on this page were posted by inappropriate_responder and CILONE. Not hating, just saying.
  8. On a bridge taking these flicks.
  9. This has gotta be why. I think it's a mix between me keeping the can too close to the surface and worrying too much about having a solid fill. Thanks man.
  10. You don't know how many times I've been tempted.. Anyways, I didn't expect much. This websites pretty dead. I probably have more panels than anybody who posted a troll response. :D
  11. And I'm specifically talking about paint on freights. I don't usually have as much trouble on walls.
  12. With the colder temperatures coming. I am starting to struggle a bit with drips and shit. What can I do to combat it? Anything? Lately I've been doing the fill, then try to wait a few mins before I start outlining.... but even still I often deal with my lines smearing into the fill-color and shit..
  13. One more for now. Strollin thru the hood
  14. Fuck this thread. Fort Worth Graff. Most photos are very recent.
  15. ^^ Nice shit dude. I see you up in midget town locally.
  16. I feel bad when I accidentally paint over insects and shit. If I notice them on the wall before-hand I try to move 'em.
  17. I've been detained before. Not for graffiti though. I made this thread sort of as a point being that SHIT HAPPENS. You can think you are doing all the right things at the spot, etc.. and all it takes is one person making a nonsense phone call about a suicide jumper.
  19. Protester, they did confiscate all the paint. It's sad because we literally were caught in the act of painting the first fucking wall of the day... I had 7 Rustos and 2 other cans on me. I dont know how much my friend had, probably 6 cans separate from mine. They arrived very quickly after that call, obviously. I would think that suicide jumper phone reports are a pretty high priority, haha.. EDIT: I should add that I had a couple sketches on me and markers etc because I have met other writers at this place in the past. The cops didn't give a fuck what I wrote, or even take a single glance at my sketches.
  20. So I want to start by saying that I'm not proud of this story. In fact I feel very stupid for it. Anyways... Mid-day on Easter my friend and I decided to go paint a chill spot that we had been to many times in the past. It's one of many abandoned buildings around Ft Worth, this being the most famous of them all. We always thought that entering/exiting would always be the most difficult part in terms of being spotted/caught. We thought cops would NEVER enter this place, it's enormous and there are a million rooms. How stupid of us. So, we enter thru the busted part of the gate and make it inside. Everything seems to be going perfectly fine. We go up the staircase and head pretty high up in this building, and find a nice room to paint in. So we start going at it. I'm just finishing up the fill-in on my straight letter as I hear behind us "POLICE! Put down the can!". From this point on, I felt like I was dreaming. It was so surreal. They literally caught us in the act of painting the wall. There we nowhere to run. We were immediately cuffed. Asked us the usual shit "Do you have drugs/weapons/sharp objects?" etc and I let them know I have dank in my backpack.. They were gonna find it anwyays I had it in a bigass grinder like a retard. So, they at this point tell us the actual reason they were searching thru the buildings was because someone had called the cops and told them there was a man with blonde hair about to jump off one of the buildings - suicide jumper. My friend has blonde hair, so they obviously spotted him thru a window or something. We are taken back outside and we are greeted by 2 cop cruisers, an ambulance, and a firetruck.. All for us :D So at this point they are figuring out what to do with us, checking our history etc.. Cops ended up dumping out my weed, confiscating my green, and we were SET FREE with absolutely NO CHARGES OR TICKETS whatsoever. Holy hell. Just thought I'd share, not all cops give a fuck. and I'm in Texas.. Oh and they gave me my grinder back! lol it still had enough in there to scrape together a bowl. And they never found the blunt in my friends backpack because I had it covered with a banana. I'll probably edit this and add onto it later, I'm really summarizing best I can.. I don't expect people to read this.
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