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  1. Dat facial expression /mouth agape and shit......................... now cue "Jeezy" song. That crack supported lavish lifestyle. Dude looked like he was in a cliche rap vid in the beginning.
  2. Idk............ shit sounds like it would be unintentionaly played and fuck up your speakers. "Like damn nurgah I just bought those 6"."
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hqr7Gih3_D0
  4. Originally Posted by im not witty (View Original Post) me and the wife are going to be calvin and hobbes Really doesn't matter to me, and its really sad that I would remember. Pictures gone, and I may be mistaken. But I swear I recongnise that pic.
  5. Skinny white girl ass...................... ima eat her ass .................. ... .. .......... $crumptious.! This how I feel after one of those drunk pees.
  6. Smash, isnt that someones wife on here.
  7. Niggas be on some dumb shit with the whole gun regulation biz. Like a nurgah didnt know half of America would be pro gun and anti gun. I got a text from my girl telling me, "Did you know Obama is going to pass a law, that would make it unable for someone with a criminal record to purchase or own a firearm?That would go against the constitution." Not much longer I thought "yeah this is coming to a end." Fucking weed smoking conservatives, shit no longer makes sense. And no my chicks not the weedsmoker, just the backwards people telling her shit. duh she didnt mean felons.
  8. I was whipping my ass with sticks before it went mainstream.
  9. Santa up there needs a scumbag steve hat.
  10. I'm aiming this at Typical rap letter music and the support of uneducated awkward teenage rap artist. How do you get a rumor started that you have asperger's syndrome when in reality your a young little nurgah getting way to high before interviews, unable to compose yourself. Thats that shit I dont like!
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