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  1. input please. i know the 3d on the throw ups are way off. any crits is appreciated. the huski i did for my buddy just messing around with different letters.
  2. The pilot was shot in Atlanta. But the rest of the episodes should be in Detroit.
  3. Days 1-5 Shades painting mural for Ann Arbor Art Center?
  4. haha i know that shes a huge UofL fan.
  5. just did this for my girl. and in the words of gray dfw gok "you gonna get you some pussy for that one, foo." haha.
  6. Don't play WARD cheap. You might get your ass choked out. Ajarn Chai Muay Thai! Gracie Jiu Jitsu!
  7. i definitely think the fight of the night was the condit v. macdonald fight rory is a tough tough kid. or the dunham v. griffin. i 'm sure they gave rich the ko of the night eventhough everyone knocks chuck out.
  8. I'd like to see Rich maybe fight Jon Jones.
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