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  1. Nice neon! Thanks. I'm working on yours now.
  2. I like that neon. Maybe try your highlights opposite of your 3D. If light is coming from the left your 3d or shadow would be cast to the right.
  3. Forgot my sketch at home so I did a new one while at work. Sorry for just an outline.
  4. Make the middle bar of the N thinner to fit with the other letters like the M.
  5. Crits please. Bump that flake.
  6. Exchange for Pes.. I know I forgot the shading on the bottom of the P.
  7. Ward Eufoe Ayem Melo Turtl Phers
  8. I love the letter S. J's are the bitch letter. But I like what I write so I deal with it. Haha.
  9. GSP via 4th Rd. TKO. Aldo via 1st Rd. Submission (Choke) Machida via 1st Rd. TKO. (Though I'm rooting for Randy) Matyushenko via Split. Henderson via UD. MacDonald via 2nd Rd. KO. Ellenberger via 3rd Rd. Submission (Armbar)
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