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  1. @JustChill, that is a dope night shot, the long exposure almost makes it look like the light is the sun.
  2. the easiest way to self bound a book, imho, is perfect bind. all you really need is a couple 2x4s, a couple C-Clamps and brush on some binding glue with a foam paintbrush. although this way can become a bit of a pain in the ass if you are doing to many or to little pages. the best way is to just go to a store, such as staples or officemax, and ask them to bind it for you, also most print shops do binding and a quick google search could probably turn up a few binding specialty shops.
  3. that pinhole is dope! I like the 2nd flick better; more cropped in = more simple and it makes the dude walking the focal point - mho
  4. ^agreed. @Turd Burgalah!!! great contribution, that wall is sick as all hell!
  5. - defiantly get rid of the halo - maybe even try to shrink the "H" to see if it gives a stepping effect.
  6. props on the ZEAL & R.I.P.
  7. ^ second. and the dude cuttin his own hand off is creepy, but i like it.
  8. its cool man everybodys gotta start somewhere, practice makes perfect & what not.
  9. the panda looks alot like the Enjoi Skateboard company logo I digg all of them man, does the Spray nozzle on the left side need to be thicker?
  10. Cro: seriously diggin this man^ and the stencils are lookin good 2, but you gotta work on letter structure man.
  11. them last 2 "TAKE"s are nifty man, i dig 'em.
  12. ^ agreed. Maybe a little more facial definition would fix that, what program are you making this in?
  13. I'm diggin the 8bit look VOSSY, you've made a hell of a progression with your can control, congrats.
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