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  1. bump anything over a honda even a damn station wagon but money for money you can fix a honda up quick but real power lies in them good ole box chevys
  2. how big of a canvas would i need to paint a full sized piece that says john lennon for a friend best size to use they want actually spray willing to pay me whatever plus there buying the canvas so suggestions
  3. bump pear getting redonkey less around here
  4. bump saying whoa nelly thats my word i gotta move out here
  5. nc is getting it done see mad fowl frieghts rolling through big ups to all yall
  6. ahhahahahahahhahahahahahah i dont give a fuck about twelve ounce anymore everybody on here got a hair up there ass peace
  7. ATTENTION THIS IS A IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUCEMENT: I AM NOT RAGE I DONT WRITE RAGE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT RAGE DONT TALK SHIT IF YOU DONT KNOW ME CONGRATS ON BEING WRONG i dont even live in newport news last time i was up there all i saw was stickers i call it like i see it
  8. wooo being drunk rules who wants some alcohol
  9. i like the r to a connect subtle good shit you should do a bold outline around it make the details on the insides pop works every time
  10. i know its great aint it in case you have not noticed thats what twelve ounce is for to show your shit thats what i was doing thanks
  11. tips on how i would go about vectoring like that on these
  12. tips on how i would go about vectoring like that on these
  13. Googleme


    i love a fucking throw up
  14. bump robots will kill pm me for trades
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