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  1. who did the bling character saw one on these some where else
  2. bump jense on the i suck thing i even gave you props on that congrats man your a real king
  3. bump fucking the world with a big green penus
  4. me either i just get on twelve ounce and front like i get up its the best i talk all kinds of game but im secretly a camera whore that just traveles around stalking writers its great whos with cheers to stalking and not wirting hears to newport news being full of stickers and wack street art!
  5. i feel you on trapped in virginia my man
  6. and here come the its a fucking cop posts
  7. coming to dc the end of this month if anybody wants to chill hit me up through pm we can do something
  8. bump virginia imma smoke out of this lightbulb in the name of va tonight boys wooooooo
  9. bump inept and nutso and respo is def in this country illegally what do you expect must writers are man damn graffiti too much graffiti in mexico then coming over here making more bump somberos and my heritage
  10. flickr stolen figured i would throw up some pics on here
  11. imma have to agree richmond is not all of virginia there is more lil bull shit cities in virginia to plaster with paint
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