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  1. bump censor kts and everyone who paints and not comes on here to talk shit
  2. "other than that this shit is weak" yeah your stupid and im not this so called highway man but cool on the dry snitching tho now we know how you wold do under pressure
  3. why u talking shit? lets see U do some big shit you aint even known on the calles cerouno bump censor
  4. damn i read that and its sad to see that people would do something like that just for graffiti people like that give it a bad rep
  5. there was sum other heads tagged outside including your own homie does da make them toysas well??
  6. shout outs to orby and yque kdr!
  7. Edit your post u dumass snitch toy y u try name expose the homie
  8. over zany? someone is mad they have no skill quality not quanity remeber that kid
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