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  1. damn i knew it thats the crew for me lmmfao it happens ejaculating is good ejaculating into ones own mouth priceless
  2. Painting is good! Huffing paint is better!
  3. hey fant if your on here pm me.
  4. old shit i saw on the internet flickr stolen
  5. yes people have been bumped twelve ounce is making progress the new age of virginia has just begun pffft and it died again just as soon as the shit got deep enough to strangle it put your shit stompers on its so deep its coming out of eyeballs think back to the people you know that paint that at one time where qoute never heard of i bet you where one of em eh good point aint it but hey imma go paint something
  6. crel has nothing to do with thor from thc im just sayin
  7. I feel you i dont see myself either cause im soo damn sly and quick and smooth that my black ass with my white teeth be dissapering in the night. Once again bump ANW K4A MWS Rype nouse resp hijak nak nesr zombie crel (thor Thc) anyone who is not on here everyday shit talking.
  8. Yes i am extremly pressed to get that self promotion thats why all i do is throwies all the time all over everything i love painting i love it to bad i dont live in charlottesville i would take all kinds of pictures of (stuff I see) if i lived in richmond i would have nightflicks up all the time cause i have to put it on here or all that will be on here is talking Bump everyone who writes.
  9. nothing else will upload right maybe tommorow
  10. bump hunt and pajama pants i myself perfer to be buck naked
  11. Rakune if your on here when you visit your old hometown hit me up we should get down on something
  12. once again cleme succeeds in being a toy i still think he should have kept writing dasher! if only i ws back in norfolk or newport news for that matter
  13. I dont write either i just love To bench
  14. Cleme on the uprise please d183 is a toy that draws monkeys on a daily basis cause he cant get no pussy and cleme is the same dude changing his name to get out of how much shit he owes people if i see anymore cleme handies on trains there getting slashed. Where are those damn great on the rise photos of your dope stylez You should not have fucked me over on that canvas swap
  15. The most up writer in virginia is fuck you seems to be over every piece i see. dope shit awesome drips and all
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