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  1. Apolo Ohno seems like a bitch. you got dq'ed, its not the refs fault yo made that move. Not to mention, you've benefited from people being dq'ed for retarded shit too.
  2. I like how you didnt leave a name until they found out it was you, then you step up like you are a real man.
  3. OVERTIME!!!!! also, bump the speed skater swimming across the line
  4. She died 10 days later in the hospital and guess what? A lawsuit was filed! Thats what you get csx for not blocking your crossings!(i wish more people would take responsibility and not file frivolous lawsuits)
  5. This was terrible, this woman races the train, WITH HER KIDS ON BOARD and loses, epic fail
  6. http://www.nothingtoxic.com/media/1148995611/Woman_Gets_Hit_by_a_Train train vs woman
  7. I cant watch this, it wont let me,but i think its the oen im thinking of. The crew on the oncoming train fell asleep and missed a signal. They jumped from the trains(which is clearly in emergency as the smoke is pouring from the brakes). The train with the camera, the crew rode it out, one broke his pelvis, and got his engineer out, then went into both sets of engines(both trains) and turned them off. The crew on the oncoming train had cocaine in their systems too.
  8. B40-8


    THere is the one ibox, its a prototype, it used to be ibox 660... TTX designates 110--- series cars for prototype cars, just like their ttux car was. Both sides are grilled, with pieces and tons and TONS of shitty tags. Sidenote--Crow, no one fucking cares you trace cars, no one cares the location of something if you're talking about it, FUCK OFF
  9. I was talking to dowmajik, and he had this dream that some dude j'ed him off, and he went on to say that it was like a "chickdude" or something, that it was a chick, but with a penis. And i was like "dude, that really happened, except it was a dude 100%" and he still thought it was a chick, so i showed him his thread. Thats a shity dream.
  10. B40-8


    That shit is DAJAM for sure man, dont worry
  11. B40-8


    STOP FUCKING POSTING IT WE GET IT. You used older ironlaks and they have faded. Newer ironlaks dont fade anymore than rusto will fade. You fucking moron.
  12. Yeah, i wasnt saying you didnt know what you were takling about, just that its labelled wrong. Barcelona's alstom model is the same car as santo domingo
  13. thats not santo domingo and if it is, its def not the metro there
  14. B40-8


    MTN does sponsor folks like revok though. MTN spain does not specifically give paint to anyone, the distributors in various countries give paint to people who rep it though. Montana german has a writer team
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