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  1. Spicoli


  2. Spicoli

    12oz. Bartenders Club

    im glad where im from tequila is not on the menu______me + tequila= :o then :mad: then :D then the the next day im like :(
  3. Spicoli

    IPhone MMS

    and they dont even get you chicks anymore
  4. Spicoli

    Spain's Goth First Daughters.

    this picture highlights mr obamas clown feet
  5. Spicoli

    IPhone MMS

    AT&T just announced that MMS for the iPhone 3G and 3GS will become available on September 25th. looks like its only for 3g... upgrade to the latest firmware for your phone and see what happens
  6. Spicoli


    i disagree
  7. Spicoli


    i like what you did with the [H] house>smallville house>90210 house>seinfeld house>office bones+house=fucking bad ass
  8. i heard this thread was supposed to be epic...
  9. Spicoli

    R.I.P. Saber's L.A. river piece..

    he also did this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgAqj9A4Wh0 and this
  10. Spicoli

    Parents are funny

    ya moms is awesome so im not gonna drop her lameness on here
  11. Spicoli

    Hey Summer... Later Days

    ^ exactly
  12. Spicoli

    R.I.P. Saber's L.A. river piece..

    it ran for a long fucking time
  13. Spicoli

    R.I.P. Bunny

    thats what i always thought, ive had my license for 15 years now and finally did. it sucks, trust me
  14. Spicoli

    Parents are funny

    ^ :lol: internets i havent been there in 14 years and my teeth are still good, they not straight but they aint rotten also. some people get mad cause they got teeth problems. I guess i lucky when it comes to that