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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by gronk_braaaaaaaaaaaa (View Original Post) i would have assumed the plus side of dwels fucking off 2 melb was less of his pics up here but alas. symptoms* junky* ecstasy* fucken hell. dwels is nice. still waiting on your burner flicks though *fucking... You will never see this toys shit,, cause he is a nobody... you could ask any real writer in here and they would say they havnt heard of the bitch... the only reason some people know of gronk braaaaa is cause other toys talk about him.... cant wait to see gron
  2. Why are there all these new crews writing old crews and new people writing old peoples names, People are so original these dayz. I loved seeing the old TDB stuff... they were up! Got around with The Xd guys a fair bit... anyone got anymore pics of their shit.:)
  3. ^^^^^HAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!! Richard Pryor thinks he knows all, but really you know fuck all... Your graffiti sucks. and your not original at all... Remember your Tlok bites! Dont think your someone your not cause you WILL allways be TOY. Also diges may get up ill give her that but her shit is wak.
  4. sorry i should of said "some hipsters" haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahhahahahahhaha!!!!! goodbye.
  5. Yep. "Can anyone confirm"... do you have a brain... obviously not... p.s nice shout to zark. Im sure he's stoked that a hipster put him up. OmarLittle .... "I grew up" "on MSK" hahahahhahahahaha. end of story for that one, A million colors and uneeded doo-dads and bits... end of story. yuk. PPS "FROTH" on this kiddies. xxx
  6. Since i moved from Ohio to where i am now, ive constantly seen weird colors in my sleep and have a static noise ring in my ears.
  7. mmmmm i just had the most delicious disgusting taco bell.
  8. Im glad you took note tabooizm... thankyou.:gaga:
  9. HA! i write used to write revok up until about a week ago apparently that word is taken now i write pantyhose ,,, sorry i don't get out much anymore cause I'm currently studying the 4 elements of hip-hop at university. :(
  10. hahah! snitch you say... he posts his own junk which is clearly readable anyways... enough about that toy now onto you, the poor toy you are... if you had a clue there is already a taboo. Run along my little toy, mummy needs help hanging out the washing.
  11. Dismokiddie, you will grow up big and strong one day, but for now your still a little toy of the ripe age of 17. getwellsoon.
  12. Your all a bunch of toys. You all dont have a clue about this game. Your all MEANINGLESS. You will never get anywhere in life. Richardpryor28,,,, you have no love here, your one of the biggest toys that adds to this forum. you did perth a favor and left. No ones ever seen you up before except your posts, and those WAK things you cant call graffiti that you left on oxford street. ps you write a REAL writers name OKIES... you poor thing. The rest of you that come on here and blabber shit, your all toys as well. Deep down you know this but choose to come on here talking to talk
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