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  1. Yep. This discussion could be a whole other thread. also, "Progress is a comfortable disease" - e.e. cummings
  2. Right, I agree with that, I guess I just think it's cheesy and a little naive to apply this to humanity as a whole. I don't think I believe in progress (not to be confused with change). What people define as progress, or 'good' in general, is only defined relative to what is stagnant, what is 'bad.' The peaceful existence of all humans just seems to me like an absurd idea, though, I suppose paradoxically, it might be a necessary one. /yesLSDmushroomsThizzlam
  3. ^I have done that many times, and it is great. "A subset of single speed bike is the fixed-gear bicycle. The difference is that a fixed-gear bike does not have freewheel mechanism to allow coasting." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Single_speed
  4. This is why you get a single speed, not a fixie. Way to hop on the bandwagon though.
  5. Do you actually believe this? Just wondering.
  6. No way Boise is gonna make it to the title game. They have a good shot at a BCS bowl though. TCU is real good, I'd love to see them or Cinci in the title game. Still really unlikely though.
  7. ^yep. Oregon is shredding USC. Good to see. Michigan was a total shit show today. Can't believe that shit.
  8. Yeah I hope Oregon State does well today. I was totally wrong about that Penn State game, Michigan stunk it up.
  9. I took a girl's v-card and she queefed consistently the whole time, I guess it was because she was so tight. Probably a grand total of 10-15 distinct separate queefs. I was drunk and didn't give a fuck but I always wondered if that drunk queef fest totally shattered her virgin ideas of what sex is like.
  10. I don't know about that. It's also because California produces more top football recruits than any other state (even Texas), and USC gets most of these players while recruiting nationally as well. That and they've been dominant for a long time and they have a really good coach. People give them the benefit of the doubt. I think they're at least among the top two or three 1-loss teams. It doesn't really matter until we see how the season pans out anyway. Notre Dame is loaded with talent, they usually get the benefit of the doubt as well but Charlie Weis has just been so garbage recently. I
  11. Elaborate on how this argument supports your position. You're saying that when alcohol was legalized and brought back into the fold of a government regulated market, the situation improved. I thought you were advocating a completely unregulated market. Anyway the point was to provide a potent example of 'greed' as a driving force in an unchecked market. The murder and drugs and robbery just provide an especially juicy picture of that. What I meant to draw attention to was the way in which unregulated business can devolve into cronyism, monopoly, and all-around bullying. That is, it is inf
  12. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/us_medical_marijuana
  13. Michigan is going to beat Penn State next Saturday. I was at the last two games Penn State played at the big house, they came in ranked highly and lost. Good times. I like TCU and Cincinnati, hope they both run the table. Hopefully Cal is really back on track but I see them losing some more. Also, that Ohio State loss made my day. Pryor sucks.
  14. Well that puts what aod is trying to regurgitate in perspective. Anarcho-capitalism huh. I don't buy it based on what I've seen, it sounds like a very narrow-minded idea. Don't feel like getting into that right now. One thing came to mind as a good, modern example of unregulated, free-market business. Organized crime. I'd be interested to read an anarcho-capitalist take on that.
  15. It's very perplexing that you can concede this and yet still view things in such black and white terms (i.e. everyone is greedy or nobody is in fact greedy, you apparently favoring the latter.) Strictly speaking, any accusation of 'greed' is indeed subjective because it depends on a value judgment; the nature of excess is essentially a moral question and is up for debate. However, this argument is of a distilled intellectual nature, and it does not fully apply to the reality of human society and economic organization. Here's an anecdote: today I was driving on the freeway in a rain
  16. Well, of course your opinion is valid, strictly speaking. I'm just pointing out that the issue is hardly subjective. I can understand why someone might be skeptical, given little education on the matter. A lot of the shit floating out there in the mainstream media is indeed conflicting and misleading, and it doesn't help that Al Gore is out there being a doofus (though I still think he means well.) No worries, I can see where you're coming from. I'm coming from the perspective of a recent graduate in a field related to environmental science, and a family that is deeply involved in scienc
  17. Why do think your opinion on this is valid? Overpopulation and resource management are very important issues that are backed up by a lot of data. They are also very complex issues that are not fully captured in popular ready-to-digest news media format. Not enough people have an appreciation of the amount of research and expertise that goes into these 'claims.' Overpopulation is a reality in many parts of the planet, and resource shortages go hand in hand. Obviously these things don't affect the population of the United States in the same way at this moment in time. It's ok to be skeptic
  18. No...greed is characterized by excess. The baker is greedy not by virtue of selling goods, he is greedy IF he, for example, mixes in day old bread with the fresh bread and sells it for the same price. The candle stick maker is greedy IF he short changes every third customer on purpose. Greed implies dishonesty and excessive self interest. Greed can be subjective but your definition is very very skewed. Here: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/greed Also, I hear the word "always" way too much in here. Simmer down with the absolutes, this isn't math. But there are almost ALWAYS sh
  19. I don't deal with absolutes. Didn't you learn anything from Star Wars?
  20. I was just giving some context to that little clip. Obama did not call for the creation of a gestapo-like civilian police force. This is very clear. End of that discussion. I don't know all the details but he was talking about expanding the peace corps, americorps, and other sorts of volunteer networks. That speech was made a while ago so I'm not sure what, if anything, he's put forth to actually put these changes in motion. Funding would certainly be an issue, but again I don't know if any concrete proposals have been made. The general point he was making, though, was that Americans shou
  21. ^That's totally out of context. He's talking about the peace corps, NOT a new armed civilian force.
  22. This article is relevant, and it mentions Holdren. I think some people on this forum would do well to take the general message here to heart. That is, opposing top scientists on ideological/political grounds without any relevant scientific expertise yourself is pretty stupid. Edit: The article is from Newsweek. Daniel Lyons An SOS for Science Clean energy should trump politics. Two weeks ago I spent time with some of the top scientists in the field of alternative energy, including John Holdren, the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Pol
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