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  1. WOW. Also you need to stop comparing everything to Nazi concentration camps. It makes you sound like a raving idiot and it trivializes the holocaust. It's just plain ignorant. That is all.
  2. I see what you're saying, but the problem with the internet is that it gives every dumb-ass a voice. It is very difficult to accurately gauge something like broad scientific consensus when some of the most outspoken, visible opinions (i.e. Glenn Beck) are also the most poorly informed and agenda-driven. If you go read some books about climate change and talk to researchers you are absolutely getting more valid information on the subject. Honestly I sort of feel like I'm arguing calculus with people who never passed algebra and think they know more than me...that's not totally directed at you.
  3. Strikeforce isn't bad, they just don't have much of a roster. I want to see them put Brett Rogers up against that Bobby Lashley guy. Next card I plan on buying is probably UFC 111. It's got GSP vs. Dan Hardy and Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin. I'm intrigued to see how Mir comes out after gaining all that strength. 112 is sounding really good too, Silva vs. Belfort and BJ Penn vs. Frank Edgar.
  4. It did not prove that "scientists" are willing to falsify data, it suggested that a few specific scientists may have tampered with some data, but it is unclear what exactly was tampered with and what their goals were in doing so. Climate gate provided an open-ended scandal that was taken by many skeptics as total vindication of their own position. Massive assumptions were ascribed to rather meager information. As I indicated, if you look at the climategate thread I already explained my position on this. I can confidently say that I have taken this information into account and find
  5. Why don't you read the other threads? Climategate didn't prove shit. I'm just exasperated with the level of willful ignorance on this subject.
  6. Jared Diamond is a geography professor at UCLA and an accomplished author. He is not an investigative journalist. The book Collapse contains historical examples of societies that have failed directly due to poor ecological management. It's very well researched and it doesn't really have any political agenda; it's an impressive synthesis of information from several related fields. It also shows very convincingly the level of impact human societies can have on our ecosystem. I'm merely pointing out that it's absurd and rather stupid to have a strong opinion on something of this natu
  7. I felt bad for Coleman, he looked real dejected after the fight. I don't know why he tried to stand up with Randy like that. It sounded like his corner gave him shitty advice too. And fuck Tito Ortiz.
  8. ^*golf clap* http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=intellectual+masturbation
  9. This from the guy trying to dispute scientific consensus...remember that the entire scientific community is more educated than you on these matters. I've posted this before, but try this "Collapse" instead:
  10. Right back at you... I'm not here to drop knowledge anymore, just to clown morons like you. :D
  11. Every time a global warming conspiracy tin-foil hat bullshit thread gets thoroughly debunked in crossfire, a new one pops up. I'm tired of explaining why your opinions are laughably naive, so here's this:
  12. No way I'm gonna pay for UFC 109, I'll find a live stream online. That ppv WEC event in April looks really good, but there's still no way I'm payin $45 or any fraction thereof to watch it. Probably gonna watch that online too.
  13. Cagepotato is a pretty good blog for mma news. The Strikeforce card tonight is kinda ridiculous. They really need to expand their roster.
  14. ^yeah, I tried tellin em that. Polarized black/white, yes/no, right/wrong viewpoints are very stubborn and self-righteous. I think the most interesting thing going on in this thread involves psychological disposition rather than actual "issues" and political alignments, but I don't feel totally qualified to speak on that.
  15. You mean Vera? That fight sucked, Jon Jones is gonna smoke that dude. Fuck UFC 109, but the UFC on Versus card looks pretty decent actually, peep it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UFC_on_Versus_1:_Vera_vs._Jones
  16. Those remind me of this dude at my gym who hits huge weight with bad, sloppy form, less than 50% normal range of motion on most exercises. And he never hits legs. I kinda feel bad for the guy.
  17. Wait a minute, is that good, objective academic data? In crossfire?
  18. This is a book everyone should read. Also:
  19. David Foster Wallace is amazing but I'm a little intimidated by Infinite Jest. His writing can get a little dense/verbose and I'm not anxious to crack open 1000+ pages of that. This from someone who re-reads Dostoyevsky. I just read A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again, it was pretty good. For those who want to get into DFW I would suggest checking out the stories "Good Old Neon" (from Oblivion) and "Brief Interviews With Hideous Men" (all of em, but especially the last 'interview'). Dude is easily one of the very best recent authors of fiction.
  20. Don't devote an entire day to arms, especially the day before you do back, since many back exercises use a lot of biceps. I find that it's better to do triceps the same day as chest, and biceps the same day as back. Do triceps/biceps AFTER your chest/back work. If you haven't been lifting for very long, sets of 10 are good for building muscle memory and honing your form. In general though, especially for higher-weight compound exercises such as bench, deadlifts, squats, and rows, I would recommend doing pyramid sets. Work up to a weight you can only hit for say 2-6 reps, and do 2 or 3 se
  21. I read that Fedor is going to fight (and probably destroy) Fabricio Werdum in April. So Overeem would have to come after that, if he's willing to defend his belt.
  22. Where'd you hear that? I thought Overeem was on roids and refusing to fight anywhere but Japan.
  23. What's so stupid about calling Obama a socialist or a communist is the assumption of ideological alignment on his part. I find that these criticisms tend to come from people who hold fast to their own unwavering -isms or left/right-wing identities and assume everybody else is the same way. Obama, like most people, is a moderate, plain and simple. As a politician he must find a balance between what he and his cabinet views as pragmatic and responsible, and public opinion. Some of his policies might have socialist aspects but it is unrealistic and polarizing to call him a socialist.
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