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  1. Aikr


  2. From the looks of it a bunch of george washington look a likes crashed at some strippers house
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3epBU9UGcA&feature=autofb I found this shit on Facebook. Now what took to my mind even before I saw the video was how much of a raging faggot this motherfucker is. I mean come on you pussy step it up to electric guitar at least. What happend to guitars being about Slayer? This isn't the 5500's bitch shut the fuck up. Anyway what really made this shit stand out in the almightiest of faggot youtube videos was his fucking ass backwards description and I qoute "One take sesh :) sorry my voice is a little shakyy i was nervous. :(" Nigga grow up. This worlds gettin all stupid and also you all lost the game. YeahImmadoner
  4. Aikr

    Come ups: Flipping money and the hustle

    Sell bunk meth to methheads I mean they are meth addicts, so they aint gonna do shit
  5. Aikr

    Seriously, fuck all cops.

    PNUT KILLIN IT http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh4Z34Ih0VjkIubNwE
  6. Aikr

    Stress Reducing Combos

    And some Newports.
  7. Aikr

    5 hour energy ????

    It helps out a bit I use it after going partying all night and having to work a morning shift They make you kinda trip out a bit though, it's wierd. I stopped drinking them I'll just get some coffee
  8. Aikr

    yogi bear ---- CGI IMAX 3-D LOAD OF CRAP-OLA

    Those didn't even work Fuck 3d that shit hurts my eyes.
  9. I try to lurk /v/ cus I enjoy video games But everyone there plays final fantasy or some shit Whole website is confusing.
  10. Aikr


    Are you talking to me?
  11. Aikr


    I have schizo tendencies shit was passed down through my family It dosn't mean you're crazy honestly. I know other schizophrenics who go out and do they're part for society just like any other person. It's just a different mind state It's hard to adapt to.
  12. Aikr

    UK Hip Hop/Grime/Dubstep MegaThread v2!!!!

    She was fine. Still got in it. But shit thesenpeople are stupid