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  1. all im sayin is how you gonna tell the guy its the gayest shit you heard that he doesnt know who someone is? and is it gossip to let him know whats up? I 'd be bummed if someone kept me from experiencing sumoe's righteousness... im just sayin everyone starts somewhere. ...stay gold, ponyboy.
  2. please bless us with your infinite knowledge of graffiti and graffiti accessories, mr. 6!! ..if noone started doing this shit, and only those who knew all about it did, then it would die. spread some knowledge and keep those stupid comments to your damn self.. that reset massacre characters dope.
  3. someone should catch those soek and zoes and shit on 59...
  4. that info was dope and rocked a while...
  5. give up and dual get sweet spots, and that one is no exception... ...the colors are pretty dope and bright, too.
  6. well that doesn't really sound like a healthy breakfast...
  7. that glamer at GH like 3 pages back is fuckin dope
  8. we had to mix old dry paint with the bayou water to do that roller it still took all night doin half...
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