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  1. ^^^ not to mention, thats mommy's fight there homie...
  2. yeh what the fuck do you think this is, the internet?!?
  3. just my opinion... geto boys were tight, i was only hatin on screwed shit, and i dont think its a problem in houston...
  4. Re: i got an email from lil wayne - 11-20-2009, 02:49 AM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i think he did something in business.which explains why he somehow manages to sell so many albums.or he bought them things himself which would be hilarious. "rap fucking sucks nowadays.content means nothing.the only thing that counts now is having a good hook that sounds good on a ringtone.." "Slick rick is an og" chopped and screwed ruined hip hop, especially from tx, with geto boys and shit,on some one eyed midget rappers shit.... lick the balls...
  5. we all know about skatevideosonline.net here, right?
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