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  1. ^^^^healthy diet homie!! fucken gold version sucked... *@ Twinky
  2. Sonic, DQ, William's Chicken, Timmy Chan's, ahhaha
  3. Re: a tranny is giving me a handjob right fucking now!!! haha wtf @ title change
  4. Re: a tranny gave me a blowjob last night then you explode. dont try it.
  5. a homie of mine in like 5th grade shit his pants, kept it a-stewing cause he was embarasses, and the teacher called him to do some shit in the front of the class. as he got up, the shit-stew spewed from his pantleg and left a lil puddle. the end.
  6. http://www.etalonhiphopblog.com please donate if you can, also
  7. Re: a tranny gave me a blowjob last night ...?
  8. they own the space they monitor w/ cameras. pretty much by walking into their space willingly, you conceit to be monitored. they have a logical reason for the cameras (anti-theft, employee control, etc.). they dont run a pre-teen/teenage whatever only bank/store.
  9. lurk nasty. used to get on on friends s/n's, just made one like a year or two ago.... been postin recently though... much to everyones dismay it seems... lol @ trannyjobbers
  10. Re: a tranny gave me a blowjob last night btw... why DID the title change from handjob to blowjob???
  11. Re: a tranny gave me a blowjob last night holy shit i read this all this as funny as shit, but i havent done anything for hours... ...thas worse than a trannyjobber... ...but worth it. prolly like the trannyjobber.
  12. captain bangaroo or clint meatwood. got a patent on both!
  13. for some reason, everytime i drink i fuckin crave taco bell... shits not good for me...
  14. michael siebens dope, i remember an old almost famous interview with him... ..im down for this if anybody else is by the way
  15. "Could I have a double Whammyburger with cheese-- And an order of Whammy fries and, let's see. . . . . .a Choco-Wham shake. See, this is what I' m talking about. Look at that. See what I mean? It's plump, juicy, three inches thick. Look at this sorry, miserable, squashed thing. Can anybody tell me what's wrong with this picture? Anybody? Anybody at all." haha, "no, no, eat your burger, honey, dont be scared.."
  16. "You: u shit all over his cock Stranger: ew You: hahah You: its ok baby You: accidents happen Stranger: haha Stranger: keep going" she seemed relieved that you didnt think she was nasty cause she shit on the cock
  17. there should be more threads like this, with free shit in em.
  18. you like what you like. id still smoke a j with tha dude, but his stuff just aint for me. i feel ya though, he took it in his direction... just dont defend "houston noise", haha
  19. the worst part is she looks pregnant... ...they're spawning...
  20. haha my bad i thought i was on the last page on page 2... ..but that does kinda look like my moms, haha...
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