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  1. glad dudes doin good now. and after hard to earn there was some decent shit. some of the ownerz and others wasnt even that bad, and of course jazzmatazz...just loungin....
  2. hate math... ...but "fake it til you make it"!!
  3. i heard canadians were cryin and shit when the us beat em the first time... i guess they stepped their game up.... they only won cause i wasnt playin that day, had a doctors appt...
  4. man i am so mad and angry.... i will abuse those tranny hands of yours in the most obscene manner...
  5. yeh the site is dope. has almost everything posted here plus more... FO FREE
  6. the reason marijuana was made illegal is BEACAUSE of the tobacco co.'s/ paper co.'s. They would lose much money on a product that could 1)make you feel better and is less addictive than tobacco 2)make much cheaper paper/ paper products. With the legalization of these drugs, drug dealers would be out of business, but people who rob/steal/cheat to get them would not need to rob/steal/cheat to get them. at least not as much. if a pack of 20 j's cost 5 or 6 $, instead of... lets say 30$ bammer/200$dro (going by mediocre, semi-normal prices of a 1/2 oz), then the people buying it would be more inclined to take a shitty job and make 200$ a check, spend on weed, and have a lil money for munchies or whatever. This example only gets more intense with heavier, more expensive drugs. Anyway, i wrote a novel to say I DISAGREE.
  7. "Noise is a pretty wide genre too. If we're talking the more rock/heavy end of the spectrum, there is usually a lot of distortion, feedback, dissonance, random noises, etc. I'm not too up on anything that falls into this category besides noise rock, but some other subgenres, i guess, are glitch, industrial, and shit of that sort. Noise rock is a lot of the time punk based and usually features a lot of distortion, noise, feedback and often strays in varying degrees from normal punk/rock song writing and riffs." i dont know if this is based on "houston noise", but if it is, RUN. Shit is nothing but 5 minutes of random noises and shit... and crust punks suck crusty nuts
  8. i dont know what weed is??? could someone please mail me some to see what it looks like?? i have been hearing that this "dro" stuff is good, so please send that and not this "bammer" stuff i have heard is not so great..
  9. http://jerksinyourarea.com/2009/10/take-the-blame-for-the-porn-on-my-computer-dover/ haha fuck it id take the blame for 85$$
  10. voted, and changed to 17 to 83, so i need a gift basket or somethin... ...the other show looked funnier, but i really dont want to see another show about inatimate objects given life that cuss and shit... ...i mean "stuff"
  11. why are dog's noses wet? and why are my girls stories so fuckin boring....?
  12. As long as you didn't watch that Superjail in such a state... show is a trip. Office is dope, too. and thanks for tha tacs. i just wished you would have left me an encouraging message, like "keep goin lil guy"... :scrambled:
  13. ^^blues will kill you son! mellow yellow.. the famous 10 minute stoge...
  14. Re: a tranny is giving me a handjob right fucking now!!! dude fuck this thread, someone make one about misled youth. video is the shit. that and black cat.. pppppppppppppp rops! *on a side note, ryan smiths song listed as the drunk injuns, which one is it? link?
  15. we still never got any fuckin snow like we were supposed to per the weather reports... i think weather reporters should be banned in texas, cause noone can predict the insanity that is texas weather...
  16. Sunny is dope. get season 1&2 on dvd for twinky, and he will be too busy laughing to kill himself. problem solved.
  17. Re: a tranny is giving me a handjob right fucking now!!! trannyhands and slayer are/will continue to be hot on the forum right now, hurry up and get your hahas and quips in before its out!!
  18. houston only has shit sleet this fuckin weather is crazy
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