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  1. looks like a plastic grocery list. for a reminder to get the catsup!
  2. i am too familiar with this. Last summer, i was driving around with one of my friends (luckily a close friend) when i decided that i wanted to go wash my car. i pulled into one of those DIY car washes after we had gotten a bite to eat at Chipotle. I get out of the car, swipe my credit card in the machine. "farted" thinking it was the beans not agreeing with me, when i feel some warm ass liquid coming down my leg which is about the time i screamed I JUST FUCKING SHIT MY PANTS. i swear anyone within a 3 mile radius of that place must have heard what just happend
  3. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU if you head down towards east greenwich, there's a Civil skate shop on main street. pretty good shop for the shoe collector. mad nike sb's and a decent selection of decks too. its def worth a look if you dont mind some yuppie east greenwich folks.
  4. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU RI roxxx fuck all your other states.
  5. looks like a dope spot, ohmygosh. diggin the second and third photos
  6. anyone on the west coast want some east coast treasures?
  7. feelin all those, crept. the first one is great. oh_snap, how much did you end up spending on that fine piece of machinery? friend of mine has the d300s and it takes some serious photos. congratulations on your new purchase and i hope you use it to its fullest potential!
  8. Re: Great Pictures~ last one is so sickkkkkkk
  9. http://www.pickyourshoes.com/collectible/nike_max90_premium_elmers_glue.htm just copped these for 8 dollars. 8 DOLLLARS!
  10. money, took a lot of photos, lots of time with the girl, beers, and smoked weed once over the summer after a year hiatus from it. Going to maine next week to go trekking around mountains. SUMMER IS NOT OVER YET
  11. Sech, your work is looking pretty good man. I think you just need to work on your flow and balance of your pieces. Lookin good though. Exchange?
  12. coool lighting in the last one. what is it?
  13. big bob the boozehound. it's his birthday today. everyone wish him a happy birthday!
  14. how do i post pictures from the new flickr page??????????????????
  15. hey dailyoperations, just added you as a contact on flickr. dope stuff duder
  16. haha i agree. this is the best thread on twelve ounce in my opinion. props alll aroundddd!!!! :cool:
  17. holy shit. photos gave me the chills
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