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  1. So do tell CSX what did you spend my money on then?
  2. Damn someone :::cough::: stv captian ::::cough::: helped morse with his letters. Ha
  3. Lol what? I think u mean whore "is" not "was". bombing in this town is for suckers.
  4. if you like skateboarding and tattoo art check this out they are only back in stock in limited numbers. Bert Krak board with Paul Rogers and Sailor Eddie designs. http://raindogskateboards.bigcartel.com/product/bert-krak-pr-flash
  5. cause you don't got a clue what goes on "behind the scenes"
  6. CAKO dropped the crew a long time ago for bigger and better things. you should stop posting his shit up it brings up difficult memories.
  7. oh shit bringin the fire. shout out to squidworth.
  8. damn thats a piece of history. line up of solid dudes.
  9. driving by this today brought me right back to that night. missed.
  10. forgot about this night till i drove by this on accident today.
  11. Don't try to paint freights or newa will cut your head off. End thread.
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