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  1. .410 buckshot is all you need as far as shotgun pistols go
  2. EPTIC...TGE by WERMS TWO, on Flickr EPTIC...TGE by WERMS TWO, on Flickr
  3. Untitled by mdmarkus66, on Flickr Freedom Tunnel STD 3 by mercurialn, on Flickr Jurne Aura Eptic by sabeth718, on Flickr
  4. Untitled by worsebrains, on Flickr Eptic by wouldpkr, on Flickr EPTIC by .rockpaperscissors., on Flickr Eptic by colorbydeluxe, on Flickr EPTIC by .rockpaperscissors., on Flickr IMG_9444 by sneakattackpython, on Flickr
  5. its been 10 years since i first saw eptic work in my suburban hometown tunnels.... He deserves this. always been a low profile.. Neurotic Jew Eptic by Becki_Fuller, on Flickr eptic the skeptic by Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe, on Flickr Empty Coat by worsebrains, on Flickr Picture 788 by worsebrains, on Flickr EPTIC by worsebrains, on Flickr
  6. Laughing at this shit http://www.thechroniccatnipcompany.com/whychroniccatnip.asp
  7. SMASH all of them... every single last one and those carwash girls dont belong in here, those are obvious to the straight male
  8. you make her say quarter brix half brix whole brix AYEEE
  9. seoren

    Wash DC

    Crotch rot by squidpants, on Flickr
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