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cor2 ssb

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  1. i think baler had better flow. hahaha, u either must be blind or seriously joking son.
  2. Re: "SSSSTTRRONG ISLAND" THA POPPY183 PART 10 GRAND SLAMMER!!!!!! 1,000 FLIX!! AAAH M Brazenly the best dedicated posting job on the site. Props to u homey. "718 to the 813" Piece bro.
  3. is this^^ Strut or Trust?^^^ ^^^who's this??^^^
  4. which flik u talkin' about?
  5. ^^^^^^Who's this???^^^^^^ :? ^^^^^^^
  6. it's called a Kneaded Eraser and it's rubber not gum. ;)
  7. cor2 ssb


    not a big Philly style fan at all… :o
  8. 1976 … Once had to hide from TA cops under a train after hittin' a lay up in the express tracks. Some how i must've touched the 3rd rail cos next thing i was zzzzzzzzzzzapped :scrambled: and rolled about a foot from where i originally was. I shook for what seemed like the rest of the day. And yes i promptly thanked God and Jesus and all the saints that that was all that happened to me.
  9. …will have a look but dont think i got it. Might have been too fuked up.
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