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  1. hmmm this thread is only for friendly banter and discussing the glorius art on the smooth exterior of the transit trains, please refrain from agressive behaviour as to not intimidate people from posting their wonderfull photos of the gloryius contempory art of glory hmmmm yes
  2. hmm how interesting to see that the graffiti culture has spread outwards to far away mythological lands like germany where the glorius youthful train artists do not even speak english, yet still can adapt to the litriture of aerosol art hmmmm yes
  3. hmm yes to start this thread off i would like to showcase the wonderful glorius new independant film coming out about the glorius explosions of glory on the steel dragons, hmmm it contains images of the children of the lost genaration from the city slums of london representing the underground and the interbred farmer bumpkin youth representing the wonderful british rail trains hmmmm yes im sure you will agree it makes a wonderfull viewing session http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_x5a8LXHiI
  4. hmmmmmmmmm yes this thread has been created for all of londons children of the lost genaration stepping forward out of the gutter and into the silence of the night in order to create beutiful murals on the train, hmmmm yes you to can post your marvellous photography of the glorius vandalism art and together we can all have a freindly banter hmmmmmmmmmmmm yes indeed
  5. hmmmmm yes new york the true home of the subway art we have all come to know and love hmmmm yes created by children out of boredem the glorius youth marches forward but after an epic battle with the mta our heroes are now like a small millitia group not the millitant sepratist army they once were, still the battle rages on to put the beutiful art on the transit hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes!
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