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  1. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear geniuses of 12 oz, just because im an 11 year old christian from kansas that finds illigal graffiti to be morally wrong, doesn't mean i don't listen to sage francis. fuck vaj, -fantastic wit it
  2. Re: Dear ________, - no homo sage francis kicks butt...
  3. Re: i want to cmeup later 2007ola so i guess we have an imposter on our hands..... theres no space in my user name...
  4. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear catface, that's ok, i just wanted to say i like you and think you are pretty. dear caligula, thanks man, that's cool... i was only half serious anyways.... in real life somtimes i get shy. -TC
  5. yea me too... not to toot my own horn but i'm a pretty good speller....... i like girls that wear glasses and wear scarfs.....
  6. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear caligula, for your informatiuon ever since i stepped into 12 oz ive been getting hollered AT, by the oppisate sex... i'm not desperate im just not afraid to talk to girls. maybe you should refer to the ''pretty faces'' thread, i belive there was a convo about how some guys are afraid to holler... giving it to you straight, -toe cutter ones
  7. Re: i want to cmeup later 2007ola yea what do you mean it's both my parents.... why?
  8. Re: i want to cmeup later 2007ola yeah dude i've actually been meaning too.... hopefully somtime this week i'll be able to get my hands on the camera...
  9. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear catface, i like you a lot. -toe cutter
  10. Re: i want to cmeup later 2007ola drunk punch why are you always shouting man?? also dude i want to say sorry about the stuff before. are we cool man?
  11. so dawood did you guys ever end up having sex??
  12. this thread kinda changed my mind about wanting a GF.... haha, i know this is gonna sound like yall.... but damn now all i really want is a friend with benefits! rofl
  13. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear mom, stop trying to keep convincing me santa is real. i caught onto that crap years ago when 1. his letters were in dads very specific handwriting. 2. i found presents from ''-santa'' numerouse years in your guys's closset. 3. its stupid and impossible. when you dont give up on trying to convince me it just makes me feel like you think i'm an idiot/stupid, and actually kinda makes me upset. enough is enough, -B****
  14. haha cool thread dude.... i got really into it, kinda spooky... it was cool.... almost made me feel cold lol
  15. whatever, if you cant take disses on here than maybe you shouldnt be giving them out... yea... i learned that i had to start fighting back or people were just gonna walk all over me, so i am. that being said, dont expect me to roll over and die when you diss me, expect the same treatment dude....
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